Anup Sharma (Tarana)

Akshay Pandey (Bhopal)

Dinesh Jatav (Ujjain)

Abhishek Kaushal (Neemuch)

Aditya (Lucknow)

Shweta Singhal (Noida)

Satish Kumar (Bangalore)

mustafa Kachwala (surendranagr)

Rakesh Sharma (Ujjain)

Shyamji Gupta(Gurgaon)

Swasti sundar (Delhi)

Ramu (Andhra Pradesh)

Pooja Gupta

Anil Pate

Amit Chauhan (dhar)

Puneet Srivastava(New Delhi)

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Home-based Internet Job


Today  people  are  more     interested   in   searching    jobs  &  income opportunity on  internet rather   than   referring any newspaper.  Doing this they get huge database of company, instant business details, online support, online payment options & many more.

The actual   work   is   Posting   our  Ad  content   in   various classified websites,  Message   boards,  Web  directories,  forums etc. We will be providing you all the work details  including   Ad content   and   website addresses to post the Ad content. You have to Copy our Ad content and paste it according to the instructions.

What is the Actual Work ?

The work is Easy and simple. All you need to do is just copy-paste the text ADS (provided by us) into various free classifieds sites. The more you post, the more payment you receive. You can work part time during day or night from your home at your convient time. Basic Knowledge on Computers and Internet is Required.

How do i Join in this Program?

Step 1.

Click on the Register/SignUp button and Fill the Registration Form.

Step 2.

Pay the Joining Fees of Rs.400/- to our IDBI BANK Via Cash Deposit or Online Fund Transfer.

Step 3.

We send you the Work Details and Ad Matters and you can get Started within 24 Hours.

What is the cost to join?

Membership Fees : Rs. 400/-.

Who can join this program?

Students, Housewives, Retired Persons, Temp Job Seekers and those who want to Earn Part Time Income.

How much can I earn in this program?

You can earn from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 30,000 per Month depending on Your Work . If your earning reaches a minimum payout of Rs. 1,000/- you will get paid.

When and How will i get my Payment?

We directly deposit your previous month earnings to your bank account before 10th of every month through online fund transfer or through Cheques.

Where will I get the Ad Matters?

After registering and making the payment of Membership fees, you will get an email within 24 hours with all your Work details and procedure to get access to ad matters.

                   Your Daily/Monthly Income:

No: of Ads you post daily:500 x (Rs.2-/ per Ad Posting).
Daily Income: Rs.1000-/.
Monthly Income: Rs.30,000-/.

Bank Account Details

Account Name : ADR SOFTTECH

Account number : 0088102000025522
Bank name : IDBI BANK
Branch : UJJAIN M.P
MOBILE NO - 9479595719

Payment Proof:

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